Enabling Mission Ready drone services

Ground and airspace automated integration

About The project

The SAFIR-Ready initiative is at the forefront of transforming emergency medical and critical infrastructure responses through the utilization of Advanced Aerial Mobility and U-Space technologies. Acknowledging the vital importance of time in urgent situations, the project harnesses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ capabilities to swiftly transport medical supplies and samples. This acceleration in response time holds the potential to save lives. Nevertheless, the adoption of these operations has been impeded by the absence of appropriate regulations and infrastructure.


SAFIR-Ready’s primary objective is to tackle this obstacle head-on by pioneering the development of comprehensive U-space services, systems, and procedures. These advancements are meticulously designed to ensure both the safety and efficiency of airspace access. Through these efforts, the initiative aims to establish a new paradigm for emergency services and critical operations. The project’s approach involves leveraging automated capabilities for airspace management in urban environments and establishing high-level automated and digitized communication systems. This holistic model aims to achieve “Mission Readiness,” facilitating urgent air mobility services for medical emergencies and critical infrastructure situations, ultimately safeguarding human life and property.

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European Partnership

Advisory Board

Aviation standards & regulation

  • EASA
  • Eurocontrol
  • Estonian Ministry Communication & Ec.

Air Traffic Management

  • skeyes
  • NATS
  • EANS
  • FinTraffic ANS
  • Unifly

Local authorities

  • UIC2
  • Tartu County
  • City of Antwerp
  • Forum Virium Helsinki
  • DronePort


  • Red Cross
  • Estonian Health Ministry
  • J&J
  • hospitals: Monica (BE)
  • Zuyderland (NL)
  • SKBS (DE)
  • Tartu (EE)

Critical infrastructure

  • Elektrilevi
  • Infrabel
  • Fluvius
  • Braunschweig Airport
  • Baloise Insurance
  • Brabo Pilotage


  • Ericsson
  • T-Mobile
  • Proximus
  • imec
  • Spirent Communications
  • EP90group

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The Safir-Ready project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101114855

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